The ‘Great Trek’ For CONDOMS

All of us have gone through what is called the adolescence stage in Life, If you haven’t yet passed through that stage, my brother/sister I have a message for you, the ‘Pendulum Bob’ and ‘Bunsen Burner’ of your body have an Error404. Some people consider that stage to be the most delicate stage in one’s … Continue reading The ‘Great Trek’ For CONDOMS


In most cases, January isn’t a user friendly month as Mr “Wallet” is always utilized in December of the previous year, call it a general trend but it doesn’t affect all people in the same way, It was on Jan 13th that I found my buddy Kakeeto jogging, it was really a big surprise given … Continue reading COST CUTTING


We have all probably experienced cheating in one way or another, the most commonly known cheating is usually in the field of relationships where one party acts like he/she has forgotten that he/she has a commitment to another party. Forget that type we have the cheating in Politics where a candidate can get 20,000 votes … Continue reading CHEATING GONE WRONG